Structural Repairs & Alterations

Keeping your property’s structural integrity in top shape is critical, especially in an area with wild swings of weather like Chicago and the suburbs. Whether you need major structural alterations, or just minor maintenance work or repairs, we can help.

Masonry Restoration

Years of weather can take a toll on a property’s masonry, and crumbling masonry can be an eyesore to an otherwise solid property. Our masonry restoration experts can restore and repair your masonry to its original state, to add years of life to your property.



Quality tuckpointing work can add a professional veneer to your property, for a finished look that makes your property stand out from others around it. Our experienced and licensed tuckpointing contractors have worked on scores of projects and revitalized all types of properties in the area.

All Brick & Stone Work

Whether your property has stood for decades, or is just starting to show some early signs of wear and tear in its brick work or stone work, let Villa Construction & Development, Inc. get to work on restoring or replacing your brick and stone. It adds hundreds to your home value and saves hundreds by reducing heating or cooling costs.


High Rise Repairs & Inspections

We specialize in high rise repairs and inspections, critical if you are a property manager or a condominium owner looking for a reliable contractor to work on your high rise property. We can also help you navigate the permit and building code requirements, to be sure you are in line and that your property meets all necessary requirements of your municipality.

Chimney Repair & Modification

From repairing the brick or stone work on an existing chimney, to duct work or ventilation repairs, Villa Construction & Development, Inc. has years of experience in chimney repair & modification. Whether you want major renovations, or just maintenance or service work after years of operation, we can help you handle your chimney repair and modification project.