Water, Fire & Storm Damage Renovations

After disaster strikes and you’ve returned to your property, handling the clean-up or renovations from water, fire, or storm damage can be a major undertaking. Let Villa Construction & Development, Inc. ease the stress in this difficult time. Our experienced team of professional contractors can help you restore your home to its previous luster, and fix all manner of damage.

Fire Damage Restoration

From smoke damage to weakened structural foundations, fires are one of the worst things that can happen to a home. Fortunately, our fire damage restoration services can assist with anything from minor repairs or replacement to full restoration of your damaged property.


Water Damage Restoration

Whether your pipes broke or you experienced roof or basement leakage, water damage not only takes a toll on the appearance of your home’s interior, but can also raise serious concerns with mold or structural integrity. Our water damage restoration experts can answer your questions and provide guidance on any water damage restoration project.

Garage Damage Rebuilding

The garage is a critical part of any home, whether for storage or protection of your family’s vehicles, so if your garage has been seriously damaged by weather or an accident, we can help. From minor repair work to full garage damage rebuilding, we have years of experience in helping homeowners get their garages back to full health.


Complete Reconstruction Service

Sometimes disasters can take a severe toll on a home, especially in the Midwest. While we can’t prevent extreme weather from happening, we can help make your life easier in the wake of a damaging event by providing complete reconstruction service, no matter how big or small your property may be.

Supplying Service and Supervision

Whether you need a full team of contractors, or simply some experienced professionals to help guide and inspect the work that is done, Villa Construction & Development’s, Inc. staff is qualified, licensed, and insured and can be sure that any work done on your property is being done to code, to standards, and to your satisfaction.


Leak Repair & Waterproofing

Even a simple leak or lack of drainage can turn into a much bigger water damage issue down the road, so there’s no reason to ignore them. Give us a call and let our experts inspect and consult on your leak repair & waterproofing needs – we can help your figure out your options, provide your repair work, and be sure the job is done and your home is secure, waterproofed, and safe from further water damage.