Structural Repairs & Alterations

The wear and tear of Chicago weather can do a number on your home’s structure and exterior. That’s where we come in – from minor repairs and maintenance, to major structural renovation or alterations to your existing home structure, our professionals are standing by to assist you.

Roofing Replacement

Whether it’s keeping your home dry and warm, or giving your house a more unique or custom look to your neighbors, choosing a roofing replacement job is an important choice for any homeowner. Villa Construction & Development, Inc. has a team of roofing experts ready to handle any roofing job, big or small.


Siding & Trim Replacement

It may not seem important, but keeping your siding or trim on your home in top shape can add greatly to the aesthetic quality of your home and your overall home value. Our siding and trim replacement experts can walk you through different options or materials and answer any questions you might have before getting to work on your siding & trim replacement project.

Fascia & Soffit Replacement

While they may not seem critical, making smart choices for the fascia & soffit materials on your home can help with everything from adding to your home value to keeping it in good livable shape. Our management staff is happy to answer all questions you have about choosing the right fascia & soffit replacement for your property.



Why spend all the time, effort, and money doing your own house painting, when you can have an expert team of contractors handle it for you? Our contractors are professionals in exterior house painting, with an eye towards a finished product that is durable, attractive, and brings a new shine to an older home.

Gutters Installation & Seasonal Cleaning

Clogged gutters or roofs full of fallen leaves can have major impacts on your home, aside from just not looking great. For proper drainage or run-off, it is important to have professionals handle your gutter installation or season cleaning to keep them working right. Villa Construction & Development, Inc. is ready to take care of this for you today.